Mild palpitations only in Eichberg’s ‘operatic thriller’ Glare

Eichberg: Glare ***

Linbury Studio, 14th November 2014

Amar Muchhala (Alex) and Sky Ingram (Lea) © Stephen Cummiskey/ROH

Amar Muchhala (Alex) and Sky Ingram (Lea)
© Stephen Cummiskey/ROH

An operatic thiller? Can such a thing exist? Søren Nils Eichberg’s opera Glare tries hard to convince, at least initially. An edgy score and a succession of quick scene changes swiftly introduce characters and relationships, but the pace slackens in a long central scene and the opera is hampered by a poor libretto. When you spot the denouement coming a mile off, the result is less than thrilling.

In Glare, Eichberg and his librettist, Hannah Dübgen, express a desire to explore issues of identity and reality. Can ‘perfection’ be attained, or is it just a falsehood?

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