Devilishly good fun: Gábor Bretz’s Méphistophélès dominates the stage in Budapest

Gounod: Faust ***

Zsolt Haja (Valentin) and Gábor Bretz (Méphistophélès) © Péter Rákossy

Zsolt Haja (Valentin) and Gábor Bretz (Méphistophélès)
© Péter Rákossy

Hungarian State Opera, Budapest, 26th May 2015

The devil may not get all the best tunes in Gounod’s Faust, but Gábor Bretz certainly stole the show in this new production at Hungarian State Opera. Polish director Michał Znainiecki has a lot of fun, combining the surreal with Eurovision kitsch, full of lurid colours, in his staging. In an evening low on Gallic finesse, Bretz’s Méphistophélès triumphed, whether enjoining Faust to snort cocaine in the Bacchus Disco or strutting round in golfing gear playing cricket through a row of deckchairs, which (as an Englishman) threw me completely.

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