Full throttle: finger crunching pianism from Alice Sara Ott and Francesco Tristano at the QEH

Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky/Alice Sara Ott & Francesco Tristano ****

Alice Sara Ott © Marie Staggat | DG

Alice Sara Ott
© Marie Staggat | DG

Queen Elizabeth Hall, 11th June 2015

Apart from the crunching key change near the end, the only variation in Ravel’s Boléro comes through its dynamics and its brilliantly inventive scoring. Ravel described it as a “very long, gradual crescendo”, a work “of orchestral tissue without music”. Strip away that scoring and what is left? A fascinating proposition. Ravel made an arrangement for two pianos in 1930, but tonight’s enthralling recital opened with Francesco Tristano’s own arrangement, performed with his regular concert partner, Alice Sara Ott.

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