Bruckner is so bracing: a tiring journey with the LSO

Bruckner, Mozart: LSO/Harding ***

Daniel-Harding © Julian Hargreaves | OdP

© Julian Hargreaves | OdP

Barbican Hall, 6th December 2015

I have no head for heights. Viewing towers and castle ledges – if you can persuade me up there in the first place – are treated with extreme caution. I am, therefore, wary of the over-enthusiastic tour guide who slaps you on the back and pushes you forward, exclaiming “Get a look at that view! Isn’t it bloody magnificent?” Daniel Harding was that tour guide, scaling the heights ofBruckner’s Fourth Symphony with the LSO, loudly praising the panorama. In the congested acoustic of the Barbican, bludgeoned by the brass, I became fatigued very early in the journey.

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