Beloved Friend: Bychkov’s Tchaikovsky series closes with a provocative Pathétique

Tchaikovsky/Rachmaninov: BBCSO/Bychkov ***

Barbican, 28th October 2016

In a world where our online arteries are clogged by instant messaging, it’s easy to make connections across the miles. Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype and countless other methods of communication enable friendships to grow between people who’ve never met. Is it easier to unburden one’s soul to a virtual stranger? 140 years ago, a remarkable correspondence began between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck.“Beloved Friend” is the term Tchaikovsky used to address Nadezhda in his letters, and it is the title Semyon Bychkov has given to his Tchaikovsky series, of which this concert with the BBCSO closed the Barbican leg.

Semyon Bychkov © Musacchio & Ianniello

Semyon Bychkov
© Musacchio & Ianniello

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