Crouching pianist, hidden baritone: superb Simone Piazzola caught in Liszt ambush

Rosenblatt Recital: Simone Piazzola ***

Simone Piazzola © Jonathan Rose

Simone Piazzola
© Jonathan Rose

Wigmore Hall, 1st November 2016

Time honoured tradition has it that the pianist in a song recital plays the supporting role, hence the slightly derogatory term “accompanist”. Someone forgot to share that script with Giuseppe Vaccaro – or perhaps it lay among the scattered sheaves of music threatening to spill from Wigmore Hall’s Steinway – as he took more than his fair share of the limelight from excellent Italian baritone Simone Piazzola. Vaccaro’s contributions made this one of the most entertaining Rosenblatt Recitals in recent memory, if not always for the right reasons.

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