Bright singing, grim staging: the JPYA Summer Performance at Covent Garden

Jette Parker Young Artists’ Gala ***

Royal Opera House, 17th July 2016

During the course of a season, the Royal Opera’s Jette Parker Young Artists participate in many full productions, mainly in comprimario roles, developing their craft, gaining main stage experience, learning from the great and the good. They cover main roles, occasionally earning the chance to step into the limelight when a starrier colleague is indisposed – an opportunity for glory either gleefully grabbed with both hands or sometimes squandered. The annual summer performance, however, allows them the chance to demonstrate what they can really do – fully staged excerpts, sometimes a complete act.

Lauren Fagan (Mireille) ROH | Clive Barda

Lauren Fagan (Mireille)
ROH | Clive Barda

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