Listen with Aurora: an exploration of childhood at Kings Place

L’Enfance: Aurora Orchestra/Collon ****

Kings Place, 16th December 2016

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.” For all but the youngest sprogs in the audience, Fauré’s Berceuse instantly brings to mind Listen with Mother, the BBC radio programme that ran from 1950. When Martin James Bartlett ‘switched on’ an old radio before he and Lara Melda launched into Fauré’s gentle, rocking lullaby, it was clear: this evening was storytime with the Aurora Orchestra, Nicholas Collon and two still-youthful winners of the BBC Young Musician competition. Entitled “L’Enfance”, a story – tenuous, perhaps – was woven around young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister Marianne (nicknamed Nannerl).

Lara Melda
© Benjamin Harte

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